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How Prodvigate works


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The channel promotion starts on YouTube. Your videos will be shown to your chosen audience and subscribers of similar channels. You can follow the campaign's progress in your dashboard at Prodvigate


Due to the right targeting, you receive views with a good duration, new subscribers, likes and comments
What's going on behind the scenes?
What we do
Our system analyzes your channel and chooses the suitable videos for its promotion
Videos will be sent to YouTube Ads for review
The promotion of your channel starts directly on YouTube
At this time, our system optimizes your campaign, removing videos that don't bring enough subscribers
Our system also adjusts targeting settings, removing the audience that doesn't convert into potential subscribers

What the promotion looks like

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Why people choose Prodvigate?

Google Ads
"Buy views" services
New views
Promotion using YouTube tools
New interested subscribers
Real likes and comments
Budget optimization
Machine learning that cuts out low-quality views
A/B tests for the best results
Free consultation by our experienced managers

Prodvigate reviews

2.47K subscribers
I am promoting my channel with Prodvigate. They help me go further, they help me reach users like you. Thanks to Prodvigate, I can go further and I appreciate their collaboration.
Osvaldo, OsvaldoPersonalTrainer
  • +123 176 views
  • +3 439 subscribers
  • +6 012 likes
2.27K subscribers
I want to say big thank you to Prodvigate. I tried so many different companies and never had so much success. Every day I`m receiving new subscribers, many likes and my channel is growing.
Gary, Gary Risman
  • +39 971 views
  • +810 subscribers
  • +1 096 likes

Our advantages

  • Reliability

    Prodvigate is an official Google partner. We work only with YouTube Ads and well-known payment systems. Your channel and your money are always safe with us. You can cancel or pause your campaign at any time
  • Efficiency

    Our algorithms optimize your channel's promotion in real time. This means your ad budget will be spent more efficiently. At the same time you can always ask us for further help or advice
  • Convenience

    We've made things as simple as possible. Keep creating your awesome content and don't waste your time with setting up your ad campaigns. We will do it for you!

Promotion forecast

We use only official tools recommended by YouTube. That's why views, interactions, subscribers will be real and interested in your content
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Views forecast mostly depends on the content of your channel. Please keep it interesting

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Views forecast mostly depends on the content of your channel. Please keep it interesting

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Let's summarize

  • Official partner
    Prodvigate is an official Google partner
  • Promote YouTube channels
    We promote YouTube channels on YouTube only, and we do it very well
  • Quality promotion
    There are no bots or low-quality tools
  • Target audience
    We show your video to your target audience
  • Wallet
    Start from as little as $29 per week
  • Views and subscribers
    $29 will give you about 1,602 views. Subscribers, likes and comments are for free
  • Weekly subscription
    You can change your payment method any time you want
  • Help, answers on questions
    We are always there to help you and answer all your questions. Just contact us by email or chat