Prodvigate Affiliate Program

Add your affiliate link to your posts or videos, send it to your friends, and get rewarded with 10% of the spendings of people you invited

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How does it work?

How much can you earn?

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  • 10% of spendings of invited people
  • we can negotiate better conditions if you can invite more new customers

How to promote your affiliate link


ads on your resources (websites, social networks, messengers)
ads on YouTube videos or other video hosting
ads on teaser ad networks
ads in your mailing list if its subscribers gave their consent
forum ads
outdoor advertising
inviting of your friends and relatives
you may use URL shorteners

Not Allowed:

spam comments on websites and social networks
email spam
messenger spam
YouTube spam
using of your own affiliate link to create a new Prodvigate account
search ads using Prodvigate brand or similar words
misleading ads
using of your own affiliate promo code to promote your own or someone’s else content

Other conditions

All refunds to the buyers will lead to the deductions in the affiliate earning
All payouts will be made after your request
Payouts are made via PayPal or Bank transfers
Do you have further questions?
Please contact us via
or email at [email protected]
We will be happy to assist you!
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