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5 tips on how to make your first video on YouTube

11 Oct, 2021

The first YouTube video is your starting point that will set the tone for your entire channel. Your audience loyalty and the number of subscribers depend on how exciting and useful it will be.

In most cases, YouTubers prefer to hide their first videos. This is because their shooting skills, public speaking skills, and appearance tend to change as they develop. Now your task is to make the highest quality and coolest video that you will treat with respect and warmth in the future.

Is this even possible? Yes, just try to use the tips below.

Tip 1: Take your YouTube activity seriously

It's weird to watch YouTubers take a camera, record a video from the first take, and upload it on YouTube right away. And that’s when there is some much information on the web. In 2021, you don’t need to jump over your head, but you still need to be close enough to this concept. YouTubers release videos sharing the secrets of their success, and services like Prodvigate strive to share their rich experience with others.

Analyze the information, gain experience and start creating videos with full responsibility. Do not be afraid of editing, multiple takes, or processing information. Show your script or finished material to someone close to you. An outside point of view will help you assess the relevance and capture details that you might have missed.

Tip 2: Watch how the best YouTubers do it and do it in your way

You have chosen a topic for a reason. Most likely you have favorite bloggers who inspire and motivate you. So, go ahead and study them. See the perks and techniques they use, pay attention to angles, video content, and general style. All this will lead you to create something unique and interesting.

However, you should remember, there is a fine line between copying and borrowing. Be rational: do not adopt habits, do not copy the text, but watch and modify it in your own way.

Tip 3: Don't get too fancy about the topic of your first video

Let's say you are planning to develop a cooking blog. Which video in your opinion will attract the audience faster: “Cooking Chili con carne” or “Honey cake in 15 minutes”; "Çäkçäk deep fried" or "5 ways to replace a deep fat fryer"? Perhaps, people do not know what Chili con carne is or have never thought that a deep fryer can be found not only in catering establishments.

The simpler the topic, the more popular it is among the audience. Once you have a large audience of chefs, you can pick more complex topics for your videos. We advise you to choose something easy, fun, and achievable for your first video.

Tip 4: The shorter and richer the video, the better

The duration of the video depends on its topic. However, you should remember that you have 30 seconds to hook a potential subscriber. Especially, if this is your very first video on the channel. A viewer comes to your channel without having anything else to compare with. That’s why the first video should strike him right in his heart.

Take your script a little ruthlessly. Remove anything that can somehow distract from the main topic. Jokes are good, but don’t play too much with them; additional tips and life hacks are great, but only if they are to the point.

Tip 5: Optimization is the staff of life

We will never cease mentioning this point in all our articles related to improving the video. Optimization includes previews, tooltips, end screensaver, playlist creation, descriptions, titles, tags, links, and many other tools that help your video get into the featured.

Of course, it’s quite easy to get lost among all these terms, so in the very first paragraph, we mentioned the importance of studying the material before publishing the first video.

We are not encouraging you to create the perfect video, we only advise you to do it responsibly and easier. It is hardly possible to find a writer, musician, or even a lawyer who will be 100% satisfied with his first project. Only through experience can we improve our skills, recognize our mistakes and imperfections. Therefore, do not expect a result that is impossible to achieve in your current condition.

Keep learning, developing, and always strive to use your abilities to the fullest.

Good luck with your first videos, folks!


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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