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Gaming Channels on YouTube in 2024

13 Apr, 2024

Video games have been around much longer than YouTube has existed. It's no wonder that the gaming niche enjoys such popularity among audiences of all ages.

Today, we'll give you some practical tips on creating and growing a gaming YouTube channel in 2024. But before that, let's take a brief look back at some recommendations for developing a YouTube channel in the gaming niche.

What tips no longer work?

  • "Focus on one game"

This advice is still somewhat relevant, but only for newcomers to YouTube.

Why? Simply because at the beginning of your journey, it's important to focus on one thing, overcome uncertainty, and get used to the workload that will come after creating a channel.

For individuals who have been active on YouTube for a significant period and have already garnered a modest following, this suggestion may prove ineffective.

Regrettably, even the most cherished games can lose their appeal over time. As you evolve, so does your audience. Game updates might become less frequent, making a decline in activity both a logical and anticipated outcome.

The same thing will happen even  if you pick up a new trendy game and create a channel exclusively for it.

Recall 'Among Us', the game that dominated YouTube three to four years ago? Even top-tier vloggers joined forces to play it. MrBeast, for instance, teamed up with PewDiePie and other high-earning creators. 

While you can still find new gameplay videos, does it command the same level of interest as before? Clearly, it does not.

Creating channels for a dozen different games is also not necessary. You can always have one central game, and the rest of the releases can be side by side, like sections.

But it's important that the game you focus on is in demand.

How can you determine if a game is in demand? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the game been on the market for many years?
  • Are updates released regularly for it?
  • Does it have a good response from the audience?
  • Is there a large fan base?

Examples of popular games are familiar even to those who have never played them. These include titles like Minecraft, Diablo, or even The Sims.

Concerns may arise about additional games not garnering as many views as the main, popular ones. However, this doesn't mean they shouldn't be introduced. At the very least, interesting side games can attract even more unique and engaged viewers to your channel. Thereby increasing the size of your prospective audience.

Maintaining a diverse range of games on your channel is essential in this niche. 

However, it's important to understand the implications of your choices. Pairing Minecraft with Minesweeper, for example, may not be ideal since their audiences typically do not overlap. On the other hand, combining Minecraft with Roblox could be a more effective strategy due to the similarities in their user bases.

  • “Game news channels are very simple”

With this type of content, creators often have a tough time, especially newcomers.

First, game news usually doesn't come out as frequently as one would hope. For example, the sixth installment of GTA will only be released in 2025, while the fifth was launched over a decade ago. Similarly, The Sims 4 was released in 2014, and there's little information about the release dates for the next installment.

Second, unless you're an extremely-popular vlogger, you're unlikely to be lucky enough to test a game before its official announcement. Developers won't approach you to tease upcoming announcements.

So, by the time you gain access to official gameplay materials, there will already be a huge number of news videos from big creators on YouTube. Your videos will simply get lost among them.

Therefore, even before launching a channel, it's crucial for you to find your unique selling point. Viewers will be willing to skip other videos and wait specifically for your announcement.

Your channel's unique selling point can be anything: a special video format, unusual editing, unconventional presentation, or a memorable on-screen persona.

The key is not to forget that you need to cater to both a loyal audience and newcomers. This means creating videos that explain basic concepts of games while also delving into more complex aspects of gaming.

  • “To be popular, it’s enough just to do ‘let’s plays’ ”

Every gamer needs to understand: when coming to YouTube, we all become content creators first and foremost.

So, face the harsh reality: it’s unlikely that your audience will be captivated by simply watching you play another game without any thought on viewer engagement. Successful blogging demands as much time and effort as gaming itself.

And so, the first thing you should do before starting a ‘let's play’ is to do some research.

  • Study what the competitors have released, what questions viewers still haven't had answered, and what they liked and reacted to. 
  • Plan the title and thumbnail for the video in advance. Find out what is currently trending with your game of choice and what is being recommended.

Remember what we discussed earlier. To stay ahead of other gaming channels, you need to put in maximum effort and do something unique. This is applicable to ‘Let's Plays’ as well as other styles of content.

If you start investing in playthroughs, providing useful information, building narratives, or coming up with a special storytelling style and jokes, you will already be among the top percentage of creators who do a bit more than the rest.

What works on YouTube for sure?

Now let's take a look at techniques that successful creators in the gaming niche are using right now.

  • Long format videos

All of us often set something favorite or non-intrusive as background noise and go about our business. And how exhausting it is when every 15-20 minutes you're forced to manually switch episodes or choose the next video. Relying on autoplay isn't always a solid option either.

For these situations, long-form content on YouTube is great. In the gaming niche, we're talking specifically about long videos with deliberate and interesting playthroughs. These require a lot of preparation, plotting out the storyline, and maintaining enthusiasm for many hours.

In what cases will people watch playthroughs for a long time?

  • Playthroughs should be targeted at huge fans who want to do routine tasks while immersed in the atmosphere of their favorite game. It's also for friendly gatherings where you can discuss the game with like minded people.
  • And finally, it's for watching while playing the game yourself. Many people miss having company. And for some, they simply enjoy watching walkthrough tips while playing the game themselves.

This approach isn't suitable for those who are just starting their channel. Simply put, nobody knows you well enough to spend even a minute of their time. So, wait until you have a base of regular viewers. But for those who have been on YouTube for a while, it would be beneficial to experiment with this.

  • Game analytics

Not every player is able to understand the Easter eggs, references, and patterns in games. Sometimes we need more information from others to clarify hidden gems in our favorite games. And that's where game analytics comes in.

Viewers can uncover a myriad of new details: the secrets hidden within the game's plot, the inspirations behind it, the myths and legends that underpin the lore, the ultimate fates of the characters, the meanings behind specific symbols, and much more.

For example, in The Witcher, there are three different endings, and only one of them is happy. But to reach it, you need to make a series of important decisions throughout the game. And if you're playing the game for the first time, you have no idea what could happen or where you need to make these crucial decisions.

As a content creator, you can include any details in your analysis videos: play through games from the past and share your insights, talk about what you didn't know before, or what the game itself lacked. You can even take a retrospective look at a game and talk about what was before and what users have now. After all, not everyone delves into the origins, and some of them can turn out to be quite interesting and even intriguing.

  • Mastery

Some games are extremely challenging to complete. Take Mario, for example. On the final levels, it can drive even the most patient person crazy.

If you have a talent for overcoming difficult challenges, then it's high time for you to focus on that.

Believe me, you can really ignite the audience's interest if you truly possess agility and mastery. Yes, these skills need to be developed, nothing comes easy, but the result will definitely pay off.

However, it's not necessary to complete all games on hard mode. Your mastery can also be demonstrated in a normal game if you know how to complete it faster or uncover hidden missions that few know about.

The main thing is for you to provide viewers with either emotions or utility. And ideally — both.

  • Games to match your vibe

This point is evident in literally every video of any popular YouTuber. Each of them has their own unique style, but most importantly, they skillfully incorporate the gaming genre into their own personality and habits.

Some amusingly swear and delve into memes, others have funny voiceovers, some invent their own storylines, ignoring the game's plot, while others create truly eerie content. 

You must find something captivating within yourself. Even if you're not naturally energetic and cheerful, you can confidently fit into a melancholic theme of gaming, similar to "To the Moon," "Heavy Rain," and others. 

Believe me, every creator will find their audience.

Some short tips for content creation:

  • Remember the first rule of vlogging: you must meet the audience's expectations, or at the very least - do not deceive them.
  • If you want to gain subscribers and viewership, you shouldn't just copy your favorite vlogger's content, but find gaps in their content and fill them. In other words, give the audience something that others haven't yet provided.
  • Advice for those who already have some influence on YouTube: monitor the gaming market and don't hesitate to send collaboration proposals to developers. If you feel that something really interesting is coming up, which could impact your channel and help developers reach a potential audience, collaborate with them.
  • Challenge topics hardly ever become outdated. Try transferring something to a game. "Trying to survive in Counter Strike without weapons for an hour", "Playing The Witcher without potions", "Building the most expensive house in The Sims", or vice versa "Trying to survive in The Sims without cheat codes" — and so on. You can come up with anything.

Literally anyone can buy a game, sit at their computer, turn on the camera, and start playing. And practically everyone who is even slightly familiar with platforms like YouTube or Twitch does just that. They come to simply play. But the essence of vlogging is not about doing what everyone can do. Gaming on YouTube is primarily about creativity.

Passion for what you do, understanding the audience's needs, and sincere efforts — all of this on YouTube are inseparable from each other and apply to absolutely any content.

 Therefore, the answer to the question "Am I ready to become a Gaming YouTuber?" can only be answered by one person - you


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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