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How to get more views on YouTube

25 Aug, 2021

How to get more views on YouTube. The question is simple, the answer is not

Are there even any difficulties in choosing the perfect video for advertising or picking a reliable service and launching an advertising campaign? Maybe not, but it only seems so.

We always recommend to our customers to take promotion seriously and use as many tools as possible to make your campaign even more efficient.

You should use the following before and during promotion:

  • Use SEO optimization,
  • Prepare the channel layout,
  • Be active on other social networks,
  • Draw up a content plan for several weeks ahead.

SEO optimization (or search engine optimization) is the right hand in channel promotion. However, don’t be intimidated by this notion; it’s a lot simpler than you think.

When you upload a video to YouTube, keywords and tags help the service determine the video content and recommend it to the target audience. The less attention you pay to optimization, the fewer people you attract to your channel.

How to identify keywords in a video? Suppose you're interested in tech reviews. How will you search for videos about a brand new iPhone? "Technical characteristics of a top-notch Apple device" or "iPhone 12 Pro review"? The simpler and more accessible your query is, the more likely it is to be seen. The description works in the same way.

Lifehack: keywords can be spied on competitors. Connect a browser extension and it will suggest you frequently used words that you can also add to descriptions, tags, and titles of your videos.

Another important point is your social network activity. Most likely, you have a question: "Why do I even need other social networks if I have already chosen YouTube for myself?" That's right, YouTube is your main platform, but you need all the tools to increase your audience. It’s not about developing other social networks, it’s about staying active in them.

Why so?

  • YouTube supports creators who post videos on other platforms. This increases recognition and attracts a new audience to video hosting that both the author and YouTube need;
  • There are people who don’t check out YouTube as often as you'd like. There is a chance that most subscribers miss the announcement of your videos. But they sit on other social networks and may notice your announcement timely;
  • Your surroundings may not be aware of your new hobby, why should you lose any opportunity to get subscribers? Make an announcement for them. Believe me, after a year there will be those who will be commenting: "Wow, you have your own YouTube channel, I didn’t even know that."

The best social networks for posting links are Instagram and Twitter; they are considered by YouTube most often. If you run a channel on behalf of a brand, you can also use email newsletters to announce useful videos for your customers.

In addition to personal pages on social networks, you can also create a community page. For example, a public page in VKontakte for your audience. You can post not only episodes from the channel, but also personal photos, arrange polls, and share music.

Lifehack: to make the promotion even more productive, use your own link to the video for each social network. This will help you track where new viewers are most likely coming from. The link can be created using the UTM-Tags Generator service.

The next important point that makes up for your promotion is the frequency of posting new videos. You connected the promotion to the video, and you have ten more of these on your channel, but this is not a reason to stop and wait for becoming popular.

You must be prepared that one day you will be completely out of the resource in order to record videos, work on ideas, and edit. Make yourself secure and shoot videos several weeks in advance. There may be situations like moving, workloads, or emotional burnout that prevent you from making new videos.

If you have already built a base of loyal subscribers, albeit a small one, make live streams for them, chat in the comments, go to their channels and leave pleasant reviews. This will strengthen audience loyalty and bring you closer.

Make a script for your content plans, shoot several videos at once on the allotted day, separate your time for recording, editing, brainstorming ideas. This will make your work more productive.

An important rule: if you are just starting, never focus on personality. While the audience is new to you, focus on expertise, offer more videos that prove that you are well versed in the topic, and you can be trusted.


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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