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How to promote your YouTube channel for free

22 Sep, 2021

How to promote your YouTube channel for free. Here we got several tips

It may seem strange that we, a company that provides promotion services, tell YouTube beginners how to promote a channel for free. The answer is quite simple: the more effort you put in, the faster you get the result.

Free promotion methods are a great way to get started. They will not help you get a huge audience; you can hardly even grow to 1000 subscribers in a couple of months in this way, but it is still worth trying.

There are several proven free methods that help promote your channel, and today we will be talking about them.

Channel optimization

Brand design is something that can attract a subscriber. However, the things like titles, links, tags, and descriptions can also play an important role. Use only relevant names, Whatstat, GoogleTrends, or Brand Analytics to find the right keywords. The services will analyze key queries on your topic and help you compose descriptions and titles in such a way that they appear in the search queries of potential subscribers.

Pay attention to how the titles are composed in these examples. The most interesting things are put forward and they are written in a simple way. The first thing that must come to your mind before you write it is: "How would I write a query if I wanted to see this video."

Collaborations with other bloggers

Collaboration is a great way to “share” your subscribers. It does not mean that your audience will unsubscribe from you and rush to the blogger with whom you made the collaboration. Trust me, people can watch your episodes and episodes on other channels at the same time.

These videos have a lot of views, which is beneficial for both bloggers’ stats. If your audience is not yet that wide, it may be kinda difficult to collaborate with a blogger who has millions of subscribers. In this case, we need a smaller “fish”.

Analyze the bloggers with more or less the same number of subscribers. Another important point: if you just started developing your channel, you need to look for a blogger that runs a channel with the same topic as you.

Social networks

To dive deep into the field of blogging and promotion, you need to have as many social networks as possible. Yes, you are a YouTube blogger, but you need to attract audiences from more sources.

Don’t forget to post photos on Instagram, make posts on Twitter, have fun on TikTok and on any other social network that you like. This is a great opportunity to advertise episodes on YouTube for free to a variety of audiences.

The best channel promotion is your engagement. You must chat in the comments, talk about subscriptions and notifications in your videos, tell more people about your activities and ask them to invite their friends to your channel.

Free promotion works great together with paid promotion. You hit on two fronts at once, which translates into fruitful work. In the case of paid promotion you have the opportunity to be seen, but no one will ever promise great results if you don't put in the effort yourself.

Before starting promotion, make sure that your channel meets all the canons set by the opinion leaders: design, description, covers, and titles.

We wish you great results, folks!


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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