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Live streams as a way to promote on YouTube

31 Aug, 2021

How lives streams on YouTube can help you with your promotion

If you drill down on the platform, its updates, and features, you will notice that YouTube is interested in authors’ development. Yes, that's right, and even without additional tools like YouTube Ads.

Promotion is an essential element in channel development, and the more resources you connect to it, the better. Today we are talking about live streams or broadcasts.

Live stream is an opportunity to communicate with the audience, get to know them better, and tell them about yourself. One would think, well, we are already making videos, the audience knows our facial expressions, habits, manner of communication, appearance, but you can’t compare it with live communication that goes "right here and right now." This is the perfect way to get to know the real you, without adjusted angles and without removing unnecessary material. In live streams, you can reveal yourself as a person. The audience appreciates bloggers for this. So, here comes the first advantage of live streams, i.e. your opportunity to get to know the audience better and warm them up.

Okay, you "pleased" your subscribers by meeting them, chatting, but what is it for you? Besides getting high spirits and an energy boost, you can also get feedback. Consider this your free content search resource. Ask them what else they want to know, what videos should you make?

The greater the audience, the more questions arise that are difficult to answer in the comments. There comes a time when you just can’t help and give advice to everyone. And here comes the live streams. Take an hour to communicate live with your audience. Just imagine, you can spend a couple of hours a day working on YouTube and responding to comments, or you can go live once a week at the same time and devote some of your time talking to the viewers.

Another advantage is monetization. Did you think that live streams are created only to entertain people? No, it’s not. Your followers are your loyal audience. You can designate the topic of the broadcast and present the product or service on which you are going to make money. Another great way to monetize live streams is with donations, super chats, and super stickers.

Super Chat is a feature that helps subscribers to leave paid comments in your broadcast chats. Such messages are highlighted in color and pinned to the top of the chat for a specific time. Time depends on how much you paid.

So, we have figured out that live streams help to achieve audience loyalty, make money on content, unload your schedule and even get a content plan from your own subscribers. What about promotion? How do live broadcasts help us to develop the channel?

YouTube stats tell us that after you start going live, the number of your subscribers can grow by 40%, and the viewing time can increase by 70%. These are the results that the channel authors themselves have kindly shared. However, this does not mean you should go and connect the camera and go live right away. Of course, it has lots of benefits, but you should take into account that the audience sets out high requirements for the content. Going live is not just about sitting in front of your laptop and sharing how your weekend was. You need to take the live streams even more seriously than when you just shoot your videos. People need to be involved all the time that you are in touch, which means that you must clearly write out a plan for your live stream.

As for the viewing time: it should be three times longer than your regular videos. Therefore, you will quickly reach the coveted 4000 hours, or reach new records. How do you like this way to promote your videos? Of course, going live with three subscribers on a channel does not make any sense. You need fans who want to meet you live, learn a little more about your life, or get their questions answered. You will have to work a little to gain trust and move on to this tool.

The thesis that we included at the beginning of the article: YouTube is interested in authors’ development. It’s true. Bloggers lead the audience, which leads to the increase of visitors on the YouTube platform. To leave a comment or like, we need to create our own account and this is again what YouTube is striving for.

Want to know more about live streaming? Check out our episodes on the Prodvigate channel.

We wish you high views, guys!


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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