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Everything you need to know about YouTube channel promotion

20 Feb, 2023

Everything you need to know about YouTube channel promotion

Marketing your YouTube channel is the best way to achieve monetization on YouTube.  Promotion is an integral part of building a personal brand in today’s social media landscape. If you want to gain a loyal audience, get quality views, and make a profit from your channel then you must use quality promotional methods. Therefore it’s important to study the best tactics and tools used to achieve the best possible results for your channel. 

Why promote channel

Let's start by analyzing YouTube promotion methods. This will allow you to  understand how to benefit from it and what issues it will solve.

  • Brand recognition. It doesn’t have to be about a company, because you are your brand, your name is your brand, and so is the content you create.
  • Income increase. The revenue that you can achieve is made up of multiple factors: the number of views, channel activity, advertising integrations, and your own merchandise or services.
  • Engagement increases. The total number of subscribers is rarely close to the number of people who are active on your page. With promotion, this number will grow. More subscribers means more people engaged in your content.

The first step is understanding the value of marketing. Then you should ask yourself the following question:

  • Are you ready to invest money and time in channel development?
  • Is your niche interesting enough?
  • Will your content be in demand and how long can it last?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then channel marketing is necessary for you. Let’s explore the different types of promotion down below.  

Free ways to promote

Free promotion is a great and underrated way that most YouTubers seem to ignore. Why use SEO, why exchange an audience with other vloggers only to end up wondering;  “Why is no one watching me?” We always recommend using all promotion opportunities that are available to you as a creator.

1. Audience engagement

The easiest you can do for your channel is to work with the audience. Subscriber engagement should be in every aspect of your channel. Speak directly to your audience and deliver messages inside your  video. Use calls to actions such as subscribe, like, and share. You can even suggest your audience watch your other videos in the description.

Show attention to your audience: go live, read comments, react to them, go to subscribers' personal channels, and leave them nice messages.

Don’t be afraid of negative comments, any activity is good for the algorithm. Don’t be rude, if a person came to your channel just to  leave a disrespectful comment - do not stoop to their level. Instead maintain a  polite and professional attitude. After all,  always remember that you have a "block" button available.

2. Connecting other social networks

Your social networks are your first advertising platform. There you can announce new releases, and cut the main video into teasers and trailers. You have the ability to make your viewers question, “What video is coming next?”

To get the best results from other social networks, you should maintain activity on those networks.  You must write interesting posts. The goal is to generate engagement by sharing information about your brand. Leave a clickable link to the channel in the description of each account or website so that viewers can always check out your YouTube and subscribe.

3. Collaborate with other vloggers

You are not the only one who is taking this long journey into the world of vlogging. There are plenty of newcomers also just beginning on their road to success. Look for similar topics, come up with an interesting scenario for a joint video, or announce each other's released videos. Channel topics can be both related and general. For instance, a video featuring gameplay of Minecraft,  and a game vlogger reviewing the best computer equipment for gaming.

What if you are already a big vlogger? Then you probably have a loyal fan base.  Your fans would love to see you collaborate with one of their other favorite YouTubers. For example, fans of James Charles and Jenna Marbles were excited to see them in one video. That video went on to garner 14 million views. So it’s easy to understand why collaboration is beneficial. 

Paid promotion methods

1. Advertising with bloggers

Here we will touch on the topic of paid collaborations or announcements of events on your channel. Things to be sure of prior to paying for advertising:

— the vlog is somewhat similar to yours.

— the vlogger has a high percentage of your target audience.

— subscribers are all live, and with high activity on the channel.

The latter is very easy to figure out: just compare the number of subscribers and the number of views and reactions. Ideally, the advertiser must provide you with statistics so that you are convinced of its accuracy. If they don’t offer statistics, feel free to ask - an honest vlogger has nothing to hide.

2. Distributing the video and advertising on social networks

For a video to get into the "Recommended" list and to be displayed in search results for a potential audience, it needs to gain a large number of views in the first hours after release. Services for posting videos on social networks can easily do this task.

Make sure to read reviews. Do not pay the first company that is ready to take your business. Make sure to research them thoroughly and choose the best option for your needs.

3. Advertising in Google Ads

The official way to promote a YouTube channel is to use Google Ads. Google Ads has 6 ways to promote your channel: with skip ads, without skip ads, splash ads, home page ads, etc. This format is good for those who have previously studied targeting, and who are well-versed in the settings, and understand the end goal.

You can try to set up a campaign without experience but it is best to study the service well. Newbie vloggers often lose a lot of money just by choosing the wrong settings or ad type and they never reach their intended audience.

4. Official YouTube Partners

Official partners are services and companies who manage marketing of brands by the standards set by Google. They have high authority, extensive experience in marketing, and a well-coordinated team that works to achieve the highest possible result.

Among these companies is Prodvigate, a subscription-based YouTube channel promotion service. How does it work? The advertising campaign is set up through Google Ads, but you don’t have to understand the Google ads system in order to get the benefits. Their team builds the marketing campaign for you, automatically selecting the right target audience without wasting your time and additional funds on test launches.

Tips before starting promotion

Now that you know more about your opportunities, and you have chosen several ideal ways for yourself to promote, it's time to prepare the channel. Please do not set up a promotion until you are sure that your channel is ready for primetime:

  • The channel avatar and banner should fully answer the questions of potential subscribers. Those questions are  - who you are, what you do, and what your content will be about.
  • The channel description must be optimized to help you appear in search results. When writing the description, use keywords and phrases that are appropriate for your topic.
  • Include high-frequency keywords in the title and description of each video to achieve the highest possible results.
  • Thumbnails of videos should have consistent branding. They should match your color scheme, and reflect the meaning of the video. The text on the thumbnail should not overlay a timestamp, it must be readable and intriguing.
  • Add a trailer to the most interesting part of the video you have in your arsenal on the main page.
  • Prepare playlists for videos: subscribers should not spend a lot of time searching for videos from one category.
  • Make sure each video has hashtags that will work hand in hand with the promotion to get the video viewed by as many people as possible.

Analytics and strategy adjustment

You need to know all about your channel. You should understand which videos get the most views, which ones get the most response, which ones get the least attention, and what time you are most watched.

Why should you know all this? To be able to improve the quality of your content. If you realize that some of your videos have received undeservedly little attention, check whether you have accurately indicated the keywords in the title and description of the video, and whether your thumbnail was exciting and bright enough.

You can see all this information for free with YouTube Analytics. Each user has access to their own statistics for analyzing the parameters that we have mentioned above.

Knowing your audience is the key to successfully promoting your channel. You must clearly understand who your target audience is. What is their  age, gender, location and interests?  Once you have your audience defined, creating the right content won't leave you feeling anxious or insecure.

If you are interested in how to start promoting your channel, please get in touch with us. We will answer any questions and help you bring your video to the next level!



Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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