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Features of Vlogs on YouTube in 2023

04 Apr, 2023

Video documentation is embedded in the DNA of society. We film whenever possible, whether to celebrate the holidays or to showcase a new purchase to those who are far away. When we want to urgently send a video message to a friend we turn on our recording devices.

One can say that we are all video bloggers to some extent because we fulfill two important conditions: we use a camera, and we tell a story. And if it were that easy, we could all upload videos to YouTube every day and get views. A vlog, on the other hand, is a format with its own set of features, algorithms, and structures. Let's figure out what vlogs should look like in 2023 to attract subscribers and views.

The main elements of video

The purpose of any video blog is to capture your life on video, leave it in memory and tell people about it. To handle vlogging correctly, there is a certain set of important elements that must be included.

The main protagonist is usually the same person who created the channel, but there are exceptions. For example, videos made on behalf of small children, toys, or animals.

The characteristics of the channel are crucial. Whether it's about a gym session or your new pet, a simple video showing someone's daily routine is unlikely to attract many viewers. Top vloggers usually have unique content on their channels.

Charisma is not just about being excited, loud, or positive. A melancholic charm and calmness can also be signs of developed charisma if they can grab viewers attention.

Problem-solving. From episode to episode, your issues should change. For example, yesterday your car had a flat tire, and you were stranded on the highway, and today your parrot is sick, so you rush to the veterinary clinic.

Conflict. Conflict is a kind of struggle that occurs in the video but not in a direct sense, the conflict in the story with the flat tire can be that you are stranded on the highway, and there is no tire shop nearby. In the case of the parrot, you go to the veterinary clinic, and you are told that they do not accept birds. In both cases, the viewers will wonder, "How do you solve the situation?’'

Resolution. Every story must have an ending. It may not be immediate, but in an ideal world, every vlog is a complete work. So the story with the flat tire will end when you call a tire shop, which will come to you, or you catch a ride with someone who has a spare tire. Similarly, the parrot's story will end when you find another veterinary clinic that can help your bird. The resolution of the story depends on what actually happened in your life. There is no need to make it up since there will always be a way out.

Vlogs in 2023

You may have heard that the vlogging format is finished, and it's no longer interesting to anyone, or that it's tacky. Those who have been creating videos in this genre for a long time have already found their audience, and newcomers have nothing good to expect. Is this true or just a myth?

Let's take a look at what content angles authors who are just planning to enter the vlogging niche should consider.

  • Vlogs about life 

Vlogs about life are the most competitive niche on YouTube. There are countless creators who just talk about their lives, and everyone tries to outdo their neighbor in the fight for viewers' attention, so the entry bar for vlogs is much higher than for any other niche on YouTube. The only exception is gaming channels.

  • Vlogs generate very little income. 

This is influenced by two factors: again, competition and the purchasing power of viewers. Vlogs are mostly entertainment content, so to sell something, you need to have a powerful personal brand. And if your topic is purely entertaining, advertising on your  videos will be extremely cheap.

  • Vlogs seem like an easy format. 

And the key word in this statement is "seem". Because the bar for quality in this niche is high, you won't be able to find an audience by shooting on a bad camera and recording poor sound. People have plenty to choose from. Hence, your costs for equipment, editing, and other features of high-quality video grow.

  • The format of random video diaries and expressing your thoughts on camera has exhausted itself. 

The statements of famous vloggers about the untimely demise of vlogs are partly true. However, it is specifically the format of the video blog where the author simply films and talks about everything around them that has become stale. Newer vlogs have become something bigger. They are reimagined with better production and storylines. In order to compete you must put actual work into manifesting your creativity on camera.

What makes vlogs popular now?

Let's start with the fact that vlogs are no longer a separate niche.The vlog video format can be used to cover any topic: science, art, cooking, technology, etc. The distinguishing feature of this format is that you color any information with your personal emotions and opinions.

In the vlogging world, the trend of bringing creators and viewers closer is gaining momentum. Most advertisers have come to terms with the fact that viewers no longer trust companies and brands - they are much more accustomed to trusting specific vloggers who are authoritative for them. Therefore, huge advertising budgets are paid directly to creators who have popular channels and robust audiences. Returning to the low earnings usually associated with vlogs, we can conclude that the financial aspect will grow along with the creator's popularity on the platform.

Advertisers increasingly prefer small channels with a lively and loyal audience. Vloggers whose popularity was once achieved through fake followers or instant hype are no longer enjoying success on YouTube.

What topics are relevant for vlogs

The honest answer is that any type of vlog can still be popular, including ones about daily life, but with some caveats. Simply filming yourself walking your dog in the park without adding any useful information won't capture viewers' interest or trust. However, if you include information on how to protect dogs from dog hunters, for example, then the vlog becomes something of value.

Vlogs can also be an excellent addition to the main format of a video channel. They can be used to expand on your main topics or to keep viewers engaged before more typical releases.

Based on this information, vlogs will continue to be popular in 2023 and beyond, as people are still interested in following the lives of others, their emotions, and their opinions. Reality shows are a testament to this enduring interest.

How to help your vlog

Many new vloggers make the mistake of trying to fit into a video format that they like, such as vlogging. However, this format can be difficult to make interesting, even with a lot of effort. Instead, it's better to adapt the format to your own interests and abilities, to make the content more engaging and unique.

Tip 1: Tasks organizer.

You could call it a content plan, but for vlogs, it's more like a diary of tasks.

When we talk about a vlog about life, the content will be based on your daily activities. When you know that you have a dentist appointment on Tuesday and a party on Friday, you already know how to structure your videos so that viewers look forward to each of these events: they might be afraid of the dentist with you, but also have fun preparing for the party.

Don't be afraid of using your daily routine. How it appears to the viewer depends only on you, only you give color and insight to your actions, and viewers will only reflect your mood. If you show yourself cleaning the house in a fun way, then believe me, many people will want to clean their own house after watching your video.

Tip 2: Create video plots based on simple conflicts.

You send orders by mail every Monday, but suddenly you run out of packaging paper - this can be a hook for the viewer, a kind of conflict. And a conflict can arise from the simplest things. 

Many try to hide conflictual and uncomfortable situations, but they only strengthen the connection with the audience. Show yourself from different sides, viewers love other people's mistakes and failures because then they understand that all people make mistakes, and your world is not filled with rainbows and pink ponies. The main thing is not to invent conflicts to be interesting. Faked conflicts are detected instantly in vlogs.

Tip 3: Providing helpful tips will generate more interest from viewers

Your seemingly ordinary day can provide benefits to your viewers. For example, in your vlog, you can talk about an ordinary day where you gathered goods, went to buy packaging, went to the post office, and completed all your tasks - and during these "ordinary steps," you can share something important. "By the way, this packaging once failed me, so I always use this for fragile items..." or "the post office is always crowded, and I value my time, so I use this life hack." 

Tip 4: Write scripts for your videos.

Subconsciously, viewers compare any vlog to a TV series that is most similar to real life. And what does every series have? Of course, a plot. A script for a video is the best solution for those who cannot improvise. Many mistakenly believe that it's enough to take the camera and start talking. Good luck with that :) As soon as the camera is turned on, the brain freezes, and all the information in your head turns into mush. This is a fact, especially if you don't have much experience.

It's cool to improvise - it's a talent that needs to be developed. Even in the field of comedy, you will often find stand-up comedians who write their jokes in advance. Therefore, your favorite popular vloggers also think out their plots in advance. Conflict, suspense, climax, intrigue - these are what should be in every video of yours. These terms sound tough to evoke, but as we've discussed above, all of these moods can be created, practically out of nothing. This doesn't mean that you need to write down every action from beginning to end. No.

The proportion can be broken down into 70% script (main points, plan on the road/day, what you want to reflect or show, what you want to achieve in the end) and 30% randomness. One of the advantages of writing a script is the time saved on editing. It's very difficult to choose interesting excerpts from chaotic filming and retrospectively come up with some logic for them.

Tip 5: Don't explain everything that's happening in words - show it.

After all, it's a video blog. Don't say "I got on the train and now I'm transferring, now I'm heading to the airport to get to this place." Show it with a visual sequence and dynamic music.

By the way, music, editing, and skilled filming are wonderful tools that will help you create incredible stories. Choose the right music - emotions in the frame are understood through the sounds. This allows you to set the mood for the viewers. You can open the curtains to a new day in different ways on camera: with anxiety, joy, or sadness. And music will help you deliver on those feelings.

Tip 6: The presentation of your video is your billboard. 

Don't forget that the plot of the story starts with the presentation of the video. Yes, viewers will judge how interesting your content may be, by their titles and thumbnail.

The more action and movement in the thumbnail, the more interesting it will be. The more intrigue you create in the title of the video, the more motivation the viewer will have to watch the actual video. Imagine that each of your vlogs is a series in a TV show, and each thumbnail is its billboard.

How to start a vlog when life seems boring

Your life is not dull, and it is unique in its own way. Even though you may think that your routine is monotonous, it can be fascinating and exotic to others who have a different lifestyle. You don't need to go out of your way to make your life look exciting. Instead, focus on providing value and benefits to your audience, which will establish you as a trustworthy source of information. By experimenting with different formats and practicing your storytelling skills, you can create interesting vlogs that will captivate your audience.
With time and practice, you will learn to engage with your viewers, shoot visually appealing content, and tell captivating stories. So don't be afraid to be yourself and share your experiences with the world.



Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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