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Rules That YouTubers Should NEVER Forget

30 May, 2023

Some things seem so obvious that.. no one needs to discuss them, right…right? However, as conventional wisdom has demonstrated, it is the little mistakes that end up sabotaging our growth when managing your YouTube channel.

➔ Always compare the metrics of your channel and other creators' channels correctly.

It's very tempting to assume everything is going well for big YouTubers. The way their views, subscribers, and income seem to be growing. But we never question their increasing responsibilities, teams, and expenses.We don't normally think about these issues when looking at the outward appearance of a successful channel.

Creators constantly compare their own success with the success of random channels on YouTube, but the truth is:

  • This is impractical because often channels are in different niches or topics, so comparing them is simply meaningless.
  • This is horribly destructive because most creators fail to take into account that big channels have been on YouTube for a long time and they too had to overcome various obstacles and challenges, considering the different entry threshold they had to face on the platform.

Another popular statement made by creators is that low-quality videos and channels are more popular than high-quality ones. Let's take a look at YouTube in "Incognito" mode and evaluate whether this statement is true or not.