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Secrets of Successful YouTubers: How to Become Popular on YouTube

09 Sep, 2021

Perhaps every YouTuber checks on the results from time to time. Of course, if you work hard and you put all your efforts into it, it would be nice to get some bonus. By bonus we mean the audience, views, and popularity.

Have you ever tried to analyze top YouTubers as a unit? Yeah, they may have different topics, different ways to manage the channel, image, presentation, but there should be something that unites them because they’ve all come to the same result.

We analyzed the top YouTubers and, despite their differences, we managed to identify a common thing that helped us to reveal the "secret of popularity."

What Channel Is About

Everything literally depends on the choice of topic: how long you will stay relevant on YouTube, how big your audience will be, how it will behave, what kind of feedback you will have. There is a simple formula in this business: choose a topic that you like and add relevance to it.

Think about how you can make crocheting relevant? Through simple life hacks and giveaways. How to get a cat blog to the top? Simply by inviting famous bloggers to the episodes.

Don’t consider it as a guide to action, but rather as the simplest example of how to tie relevance to a low popular topic.

Why we don’t recommend you to choose hype topics like pranks, interviews, or any other that you don't like? Doing something because it is popular is a quick dead-end road.

Speaking Skills

One of the major distinguishing features of a good YouTuber is his/her speaking skills. Let's think, why are they trying to engage a bright personality for a show that lasts 40-50 minutes? For instance, why do Oryol i Reshka (Heads and Tails) continue to work with Nastya Ivleeva? This show is incredibly exciting: it’s about traveling, different cultures, landscapes. However, to make the audience watch it till the very end, regardless of the country they visit, it should be hosted by a person who will be able to deliver the information in an interesting way.

Train your speech, get rid of the junk words, or transform them into your distinctive feature as long as it does not annoy anybody. Make use of your sense of humor since this is one of the most important things on YouTube. Even in issues about finance and politics, one cannot do without "vigorous" sarcasm and intellectual humor. This makes the issue more complete and interesting.


It may sound kind of weird, but your hobby should become your unpaid job. If you are often guided by “I won’t do this or that,” you can wait for the result all your life. You do not come up to your boss at work saying that you don’t feel like working today, right? The same attitude should be when you work on your channel.

But don’t confuse a responsible attitude with an inadequate one. Any work should have time limits, you should not force yourself if you feel that you are not in high spirits. It is extremely difficult to find the balance. Top YouTubers often talk about how editing videos can take the whole night, and it takes days and weeks to come up with new ideas.

Try not to obsess over the result, but simply enjoy the process. After all, this is your favorite pastime. Put your soul into it, think positive, and this way you will always be inspired.

Channel Promotion

Channel promotion is our favorite topic, because this is our specialty. Running a YouTube channel without including free and paid promotion is simply pointless.

We won’t go deep into promotion methods, especially because we already have an article on this: "How to promote a YouTube channel free". Follow the link to check it out.

But if we consider paid promotion, it is crucial to choose the right one.

Never use promotion methods that involve cheating. Either these are live followers or bots, it doesn't matter. These options are against YouTube Terms of Use, so you risk getting your channel suspended. If you are up for promotion, prepare your channel first: design, tags, descriptions, exciting and catchy videos.

We have always tried to use official and accessible promotion methods in our work, therefore we may highly recommend our service. Why choose Prodvigate?

  1. You do not waste time and effort setting up a promotion. Make good videos and we will take care of the rest.
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Without promotion, you won’t build a great audience, which in fact, is the key reason to start a YouTube channel.

Now you know what is the "secret of popularity" on YouTube, don’t you? Love for what you do + responsible attitude + charisma + promotion.

You may think that it’s that simple, but for some reason, not everyone succeeds. It turns out to be not so easy to bring these “simple truths” into life. This implies a lot of work, so aspire yourself to a "working" condition. Do not forget to take a rest, think positive and your business will definitely have success.


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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