Questions and Answers

If you are reading this, it means you are looking for an efficient way to promote your YouTube channel. Prodvigate is a part of Viboom family, one of the largest YouTube promotion services out there. Our team has been promoting YouTube videos and channels since 2011.

Back then, when there were only thousands of views on YouTube videos, it was enough to use YouTube's algorithms, that added almost all videos to the Recommended. Now, a new channel has almost no chances to get there without a help. Prodvigate was created exactly for this - YouTube channel promotion using official Google tools. Our algorithms pick the most effective promotion formats, displaying your videos to people who are interested in your content. And removing those who are not. We optimize ad budgets. So, you spend less on your promotion, but you also receive our support and experience.

Video promotion takes place on YouTube using its official ad formats

You select the video(s) you want to use for your channel's promotion. Our algorithms create an ad campaign according to your channel's content. During the campaign, our algorithms optimize the ad formats, spendings and targeting. This way you get the best price per subscriber.

You could, but then you’d need to learn how to work with Google Ads – not a simple task at all. You will need to pass the review process, set the right targeting, optimize the ad formats and budgets, keep an eye on the limits, analyze the results, etc. And it doesn’t guarantee that you will pay less using Google Ads directly. A lot of our customers spend much less with us compared to Google Ads with the same results.

You can start with $29. It will bring about 2,042 views. Subscribers, likes and comments are included free!

It starts immediately on our side, but the Google review can take longer.

The price of a new subscriber mostly depends on your channel's content and your target audience. It could cost you under a dollar per new subscriber.

Most of our customers say such views do count for the 4000 views necessary for the start of monetization.

Yes, we are using official Google tools only.
It depends on your budget and your content.
Absolutely. In fact, YouTube recommends such methods for channel promotion.
The new subscribers you received using Prodvigate will stay with you. They will watch your next videos. Such views will be high quality since these people love your content. It means that your videos will land in Recommended by YouTube. It leads to new subscribers and new views. At this point you can decrease your promotion budget and still have an organic growth of your channel.
You will get reports in form of charts and tables containing the following data:
- Overall campaign performance statistics
- Number of views, new subscribers, interactions
- Price per view and price per subscriber
You can pay with PayPal or a credit card.