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Personal brand development on YouTube

31 Oct, 2021

Personal branding is a rather bright and popularized term that became widespread in 2018-2019 when bloggers started saying: "To become popular, you need to develop a personal brand." Some people still can’t get what a “personal brand” is and how to develop it.

Let's kick off with some examples. When you hear the word “rockets”, the first thing that may come to your mind is Elon Musk, "sneakers" make you think about Nike or Adidas, and when you hear "let’s play", it makes you like: "Oh, this is PewDiePie", etc.

The personal brand is an image, occupation, hard skills, expertise that you associate with a certain name.

Why do you think of PewDiePie when you hear about YouTube and games? Because this is a personality that has firmly established itself. A powerful personal brand is when people watch let’s play, not because they like the genre but because they like PewDiePie.

Every blogger and vlogger dreams of going that high, which means he needs to:

  • Bring something new;
  • Approve himself as an expert;
  • Gain the respect of the audience;
  • Be interesting, bright, and memorable.

How personal brand and YouTube are connected

Please remember the following: there are two concepts that are close in meaning: "Opinion leader" and "Personal brand". These are something like stages of development. First, we show our expertise and knowledge in a certain area (we have a high-quality blog about cars, cooking, cryptocurrencies, makeup), and then we benefit from this (we start to monetize our channel).

My favorite example is about Kanye West and his YEEZY. How come the investment has paid it all off? Why does everybody wear rather strange shoes and leaky clothes? Because Kanye West has been working on his personal brand for so many years. He has established himself as a cool rapper, style icon, respected producer, and composer. Kanye is a cool guy, so we will gladly buy whatever he offers us.

How a beginner YouTuber grows to an "opinion leader" and become a "personal brand"

Try to list out the names of the most popular bloggers and you will see that regardless of what their blog is about, there is something in common between them.

  • They try not to get involved in trouble;
  • They with people’s favor both externally and internally;
  • They regularly post new videos (at least at the start);
  • They make you feel sure that they know what they are talking about;
  • They try to be unique, do something of their own, bring novelty to the viewer;
  • Vlogs always come out in good quality, with a nice picture and background;
  • They create an atmosphere on their channel: it's always fun or cozy for you to watch the videos.

Every milestone is achieved through long and painstaking work. The point is that if you really love what you do, you are ready to spend half a year/year on its development. Unfortunately, some novice vloggers immediately give up the case without even reaching the level of "Opinion Leader" because they don’t see instant results of their work.

Let's highlight some key points of what has been said:

  • To become a "Personal Brand" you need to prove yourself, be a professional;
  • Don't lose your personality by adopting the habits and tricks of other bloggers — you must be unique;
  • A novice YouTube vlogger cannot immediately become a “Personal Brand”, it’s only achieved by gradually gaining an audience.

Be patient, do the things that bring you joy, use every chance and option to promote the channel and you will definitely succeed!

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We wish each of you to become a real Kanye West in video blogging. 

Go for it!


Sasha Lerman

Copywriter, writer, editor. Development and promotion on YouTube, as well as many other exciting topics.

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